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The Hitman professional mode will tie in with the launch of the retail boxed version of the complete first season.

Hitman is a game that rewards careful planning and meticulous attention to detail, but from a playing perspective, the most enjoyment you’ll garner is often in finding the most creative way to dispatch a target. Drown someone in a toilet? Great! Pelt your victim with coins until they fall off a ledge? Sure! Throw the garbage man in the back of his own truck? Bonus!

But there’s a new way to play coming, for those who seek to master the art of the assassination: the Hitman professional mode. What does it entail?

Hitman Professional Mode – Confirmed Details Thus Far

  • Stricter carrying rules – more change of being noticed for carrying suspicious items.
  • Damageable disguises – don’t leave bullet holes in someone’s clothes when you kill them.
  • Improved security cameras – to make evasion more tricky.
  • Limited save games – because you’re a masochist, presumably.
  • For elite assassins only – players required to reach mastery level 20 in all locations.
  • Available for all main story missions only – except for the prologue.

That all sounds interesting, and certainly a lot more realistic. The damageable disguises in particular sound like an intriguing mechanic in isolation, but combined with limited save games we’re worried it might also knock a little of the ludicrous, knock about fun out of killing people in imaginative ways with everyday items.

The Hitman professional mode will be available as a free update on January 31, 2016, alongside the retail boxed release of the complete first season.

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