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Ubisoft has pulled back the curtain on the second season of content for sci-fi battle-royale, Hyper Scape.

Ubisoft has reaffirmed its commitment to battle-royale game Hyper Scape. First with a new season of content that begins next week, and then with some significant changes to the core game.

The new season – titled The Aftermath – introduces a new weapon, a new hack, new game modes, and a new district. The sticky explosive weapon called the Atax sounds cool, as does Platform, the new limited-time hack which lets players dispatch horizontal platforms onto the battlefield.

The hack will certainly be useful in Floor is Lava, one of two new games modes. Crown Rush, Faction War, and Turbo Mode will also return, with additional modes promised throughout the season. Other new features include a ranking system, a daily login gift, and new 100-Tier free and premium Battle Pass options.

More fundamental changes are also coming to Hyper Scape. In a blog posted this week, Ubisoft pledges to address some common complaints from players, saying:

“While July’s launch and Open Beta on PC were successful, we were not able to achieve the high expectations we set for ourselves with our full release on console that followed in August. We also know we didn’t fully meet the high expectations of our players, so we are taking action. We have more work to do to get there, but our team is fully committed to the challenge.”

These changes include enhanced onboarding, a recalibration of the game’s skill ceiling, cross-play, and improved medium and long-term player goals.

Ubisoft is often praised for sticking with its games to iron out any launch wrinkles – For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege say hello – but will players stick with Hyper Scape long enough to see the changes?

Hyper Scape season 2 launches on October 6 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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