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iam8bit announce stunning Skyrim vinyl soundtrack

Bethesda Softworks and iam8bit open pre-orders for the limited edition Skyrim vinyl soundtrack.



Skyrim vinyl soundtrack - iam8bit

Bethesda and iam8bit open pre-orders for the limited edition Skyrim vinyl soundtrack.

Ah, Skyrim. Bethesda’s epic and influential RPG is back in the spotlight, having recently been re-released on Nintendo Switch and PS VR. It remains a wonderful game for many reasons, but high among them is Jeremy Soule’s evocative and enchanting musical score.

iam8bit have opened pre-orders on a JUN/KUN limited edition Skyrim vinyl soundtrack, and a glorious screen print of the album’s cover art. Both will be released in Q2, 2018.

The Skyrim vinyl soundtrack is pressed on two-colour black haze, 180-gram vinyl, with Jeremy Soules’ score separated into Light and Dark sides. The cover art is by artist and Skyrim fan, Aled Lewis.

The vinyl release is priced at $40, and includes a digital copy of the soundtrack. The album is due to ship in Spring next year.

The cover art – which features a Dragonborn and Alduin, the World Eater – is also available as six-color hand-pulled screen print. The 24×36 inches reproduction is limited to a 500 copy run, and is priced at $100.

Head over to iam8bit to find out more.

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