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Nintendo have announced “important squid research” will be revealed via the next Nintendo Direct.

Splatoon is slated for release on May 29 2015. Everybody is very pleased about this. A team-based arena shooter with Nintendo’s always thoughtful (and often twee) touches is promising to be everything that its peers aren’t. It’s going to be friendly. It’s going to be accessible. It’s going to be fun. And above all, Splatoon is going to be heavy on the fun and light on the aggro, in no small part due to the removal of voice chat.

Today, Nintendo have announced that Splatoon Direct will be taking over the Nintendo Direct broadcast on May 7 2015, and imparting crucial game details to an already excited gaming public, just three short weeks before its full release. Here’s the lowdown from Nintendo themselves on the upcoming Splatoon Direct:

“To tune in, check out Twitch or the Nintendo Direct website at 15:00 BST on 7th May, where the broadcast will be streamed, and also stay tuned to the official Splatoon Facebook page for ongoing updates.”

We’ll see you there, ink-fans!

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