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The annual Into The Pixel collection returns to E3 and is just the place to relax and savour some beautiful, video game-inspired art.

The exhibition, which is co-produced by the Entertainment Software Association and the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, features 14 works of art that will be displayed at E3 this week

One of the best things about Into the Pixel is that it offers a respite from the chaos found elsewhere at E3. There’s something about a gallery that makes people shut up for fifteen minutes, and take a little time to appreciate the artistic talent on display. It’s a recommended stop-off for all E3 attendees.

This year’s selection features some stunning works that encompass visual creativity, storytelling and atmosphere from games including, Unravel, No Man’s Sky, League of Legends and Far Cry Primal.

You can see the full list of winners are listed below but here are a few of our favourites.

2016 Into The Pixel Collection

  • Rush Blast / A Mother’s Imperative by Chris Chamberlain, Tommy Kinnerup, Esben Rasmussen
  • Edge of Nowhere / Cliff Walk by David Guertin
  • Dreadnought / Corvette in Hangar by Yuriy Mazurkin, Mathias Wiese
  • Dishonored 2 / Corvo by Sergei Kolesov
  • ReCore / Dungeon Concept by Todd Keller, Kip Carbone
  • Guild Wars 2 / Dwarven Valley by Daniel Dociu
  • No Man’s Sky / Eclipse by Kuldar Leement
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt / Geralt and Ciri by Bartłomiej Gaweł
  • League of Legends / Lunar Revel by League Art Team
  • Song of the Deep / Merryn’s Leviathan by Sing Ji
  • Layers of Fear / Red Riding Hood by Paweł Kot
  • Far Cry Primal / Takkar Face by Patrick Lambert
  • Headlander / The Satellite Chalet by Derek Brand
  • Unravel/ Tire Swing by Martin Sahlin, Dick Adolfsson, Henrik Söder, Mikael Kainulainen, Leif Holm

You can see the full collection over at www.intothepixel.com. If you are at E3 you can see the exhibition in the concourse foyer at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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