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As if Just Cause 3 wasn’t pretty enough.

Square Enix have today released a brand new trailer for Just Cause 3, just two short weeks before the game’s release. It’s much like any other Just Cause trailer we’ve seen so far, including:

  • Wing-suit flying.
  • Grotesque imagery of the general.
  • Blowing stuff up.
  • Vehicles, including wholly impractical ones, like a fighter jet and an F1 car.
  • And more blowing stuff up.

So far, so Just Cause 3. But did we also mention that this trailer’s in glorious 4K resolution? Yes, that’s right: Just Cause 3 will be coming to you in Ultra High Definition, at 3840 pixels × 2160 lines for a total of 8.3 megapixels (in 16:9 aspect ratio)… that is of course, assuming you’re playing it on PC and have a display that supports it.

The PS4 and Xbox One don’t support 4K output for games, though the PS4 can output at 4K for videos and still images, so perhaps you can watch the above Just Cause 3 4K trailer on YouTube via your PS4 and pretend. It’ll certainly be better than switching YouTube to 4K mode on a phone or older computer and watching it struggle.

Just Cause 3 is released on December 1. You can pre-order it now from Amazon.

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