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The most recent trailer for The Last of Us Part II dropped last week, and it was powerful and grim and exciting.

Now, the most eagle-eyed of fans have spotted some clues indicating where the game might be set.

Back in August, Reddit users uncovered some details that pointed to The Last of Us Part II being set in Seattle, Washington. They determined the location by looking at concept art; it turned out that the area was a few city blocks in size.

With last week’s new trailer, fans have been scrutinising the footage for any further clues. The road signs that are visible for some moments in the trailer indicate that the trailer takes place in Seattle. You can see the sign for the I-5 highway, which is very close to the city blocks demarcated back in August.

One of the biggest curiosities of last week’s trailer was the conspicuous absence of Joel and Ellie, but whoever the people featured in the trailer were, they are geographically near to the two protagonists – perhaps they will cross paths?

The Reddit user who gathered the information together, Voldsby, has also speculated about the local flora and fauna – indicating the time period and its relation to the outbreak.

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