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The latest update from Sumo Digital adds a new Snake Pass arcade mode, plus some… other improvements.

Snake Pass is one of the most innovative platformers we’ve seen in some time. In part, because it’s not exactly a platformer in the traditional sense. You’re a snake – of course – who has to slither their way across a platform environment. The controls are a little funky, but when it clicks? It’s a tremendously rewarding feeling.

One thing that people didn’t like about Snake Pass, however, was its Nintendo Switch icon.

In case you missed that whole storm in a teacup, there’s a swathe of people on Reddit who are very upset when Nintendo Switch icons don’t look how they would prefer. The nub of the issue is that they want game icons to look like tiny pieces of box art, and when developers or publishers favour icons which have simplistic, bold graphics, they get very irritable.

This was, to be honest, one of the more polite discussions we found on the issue. Folk get very bent out of shape about it, believe it or not; the crux is they don’t want to feel like the Nintendo Switch is just receiving shovelware and mobile ports. Even though there are some mobile ports. [It’s a big boy console for big boys who wear big boy pants, shut up! – Nintendo Fan Boy Ed.]

Snake Pass old Switch icon vs new

There. Are you happy now?

For those of you who aren’t losing their tiny minds over tiny things, there’s also a new Snake Pass arcade mode in the offing, which looks a little something like this:

“We could not think of a better way of passing on our thanks to all of our fans, who have played Snake Pass over the last year. The Arcade Mode Pack, introduces a new way to play, as you compete with friends across global leaderboards to see who can be the world’s slickest slitherer!” – Seb Liese, creator of Snake Pass

In addition to the new arcade mode and the (ahem) super important, highest priority icon change, there are also big discounts available on Snake Pass. Purchasers will receive 50% off on Nintendo Switch eShop, Xbox One Store and Steam from March 27th to April 10th, 2018; no PlayStation discount has been confirmed yet, but Sumo Digital promise one is in the works.

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