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Life is Strange: Episode 4 – Darkroom will be released on July 28th 2015.

Square Enix and DONTNOD are understandably a bit chuffed that Life Is Strange has already passed 1 million sales, and we’re only up to Episode 3 of the series thus far.

Next week, we’ll get our hands on Life Is Strange: Episode 4 – Darkroom and it looks like a good one. We’re now well past the quirky supernatural teen classroom adventure setting and heading into full-on Twin Peaks territory, as we try and discover who killed Laura Palmer what happened to Rachel Amber before the end of the world*.

Life Is Strange: Episode 4 – Darkroom will be out on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on July 28 2015. The release date for Episode 5 is unknown at this time.

* The end of the world party, that is. Or maybe the actual end of the world. Who knows!

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