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Grab your iPad or iPhone, young folk, and meet us in Arcadia Bay – it’s a Life is Strange iOS port.

We’re quite partial to Life is Strange here at Thumbsticks towers.

The thoroughly modern adventure, from developer Dontnod and publisher Square Enix, just has so much going for it. Between the Laura Palmer-like central mystery and the game’s rebellious themes, combined with glorious presentation and just the right amount of bonkers sci fi, it’s a wonderful thing and you should all play it.

And if you haven’t already played it, then you’ll soon get another opportunity. Just like The Witness and Thimbleweed Park, and most of Telltale’s adventures, you’ll soon be able to get your grubby mitts on a mobile version of Life is Strange.

Very soon, in fact: the Life is Strange iOS release date is December 14th, 2017, a mere two days away.

The Life is Strange iOS version has been put together by Unreal Engine porting specialists Black Wing Foundation, and it combined with dedicated touchscreen controls, it looks rather spiffy. Here’s the trailer, in case you missed it:

But that’s not all! Because this is iOS, you’ll also get special Life is Strange-themed iMessage stickers, which is a thing, apparently? Of more interest is a photo mode which, given some of the game’s themes, is just a brilliant addition.

The first three episodes of Life is Strange will launch on the App Store on December 14th, while the final two episodes – still being worked on – will launch as a pair in Q1 2018.

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