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It already released a couple of days ago in the US and now the Life is Strange Limited Edition is available to purchase in the UK, including lots of physical goodies.

In spite of the best efforts of the video game publishing industry to push the world towards an episodic framework that rivals television scheduling, there will always be those who resist the drip-feed, in the same way we DVR whole seasons of a TV show and binge-watch it all in one weekend.

Sure, you can play episodic games as they come out, but usually with only five or six episodes per season – and one to two months between each episode – it’s hard for video games to rival the immediacy and address the cliffhangers presented by television.

Binge-playing might be the answer, if you can wait that long… and avoid the spoilers.

Life is Strange Episode 5 - #LISFinale

One of the runaway successes of 2015, not just of the episodic adventure genre, was Life is Strange by Dontnod and Square Enix. The beautifully shot and sensitively told coming-of-age teen drama – with amazing sci-fi sensibilities and genuinely important choices – is an absolute must-play, and if you’ve not done so yet you’re in for a real treat: the Life is Strange Limited Edition is out now.

Not only is the Life is Strange Limited Edition a chance to get your hands on a physical copy of the game, you get lots of extra goodies in the box too, including a 32-page art book and a mix-tape-esque soundtrack CD that fits the alternative teen aesthetic perfectly. There’s also a director’s commentary, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Don’t like the episodic format? Like to get your hands on physical copies? Well the Life is Strange Limited Edition finally has you covered, so you’ve really no excuse not to play it.

The Life is Strange Limited Edition is available to buy now from Amazon.

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