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Well you can’t have one.

Bethesda only commissioned one life-size, 3D-printed BFG 9000 – created by MyMiniFactory, with original 3D models from the new Doom provided by id Software to create the most accurate representation – to give away in a contest.

But lord, that is one Big Fucking Gun (9000).

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/7vs9ILE8s7s” autoplay=”no”]

The life-size, 3D-printed BFG 9000 weighs over 16 kg! It’s a metre long! 45 cm high! 45 cm wide! It’s made of 70 3D-printed pieces! It took over a thousand hours of printer runtime! They ran multiple printers round-the-clock for a month! Wooo! Big things! Swearing! Metric system!

Sorry. We’re overstimulated.

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