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It’s been a bit of a longer wait for some, but The Long Dark’s PS4 EU release is nearly upon us.

The road [a Cormack McCarthy reference in the first sentence? It’s going to be one of those days! – Ed.] has been long for Raphael van Lierop and the team at Hinterland Games, bringing survival sim The Long Dark through Early Access and into main release.

The launch of version 1.0 – and several post-release updates – landed last week, and this marked the game’s exit from Early Access. Version 1.0 also brought with it the release of Wintermute, The Long Dark‘s long-anticipated story mode… but not everyone got their hands on it straight away.

Due to the vagaries of the certification system – which varies between regions and platforms – the PS4 EU release of The Long Dark was pushed back, with no final release information (other than ‘soon’) attached to it.

And as he has been doing all week, Raph has been taking to Twitter to field question and queries from the punters. Today, he brought with him some good news with regards the PS4 EU release date:

So that’s the PS4 EU release of The Long Dark, will be with us within two days, at one minute past midnight on the morning of Wednesday, August 9th, 2017. You’ll also get immediate access to all of the patches that have since been pushed through on PC and Xbox One, and can save 10% for your trouble. Lovely stuff.

The news is less positive if you were waiting on an Italian translation, though:

But as ever, the team are working hard to get that in as soon as they can.

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