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Keiji Inafune is no stranger to movie adaptations. Let’s hope the Mighty No. 9 movie does better with the critics than Dead Rising: Watchtower.

Mighty No. 9 – definitely not a Mega Man clone, honest – isn’t even released yet, but already there’s a Mighty No. 9 movie in the works.

Ex-Capcom supremo Keiji Inafune’s latest project was a runaway success on Kickstarter. Originally asking for a mere $900,000, the funding drive for Mighty No. 9 reached close to $4 million dollars when the window closed, and is a sign that the gaming public are still crying out for familiarity and things they love.

Wasteland 2, Elite: Dangerous, Pillars of Eternity – hell, even ToeJam and Earl is making a comeback on Kickstarter – old games are definitely making a comeback, and there’s another great heritage story here in Mega Man Mighty No. 9.

Still, the announcement of the Mighty No. 9 live-action movie is something of a surprise.

Keiji Inafune has previous, in terms of video games-that-have-been-turned-into-live-action-movies, having worked on the BioHazard/Resident Evil and Street Fighter franchises over the years – not exactly Citizen Kane, I’m sure you’ll agree – and his most recent foray into the world of Hollywood wasn’t exactly highbrow either.

Zombie-dismemberment-em-up Dead Rising was an interesting take on the genre when it first appeared. 72 hours, trapped in a shopping mall filled with zombies, trying to survive and work out the cause of the outbreak. You could of course climb into a cupboard and hide out for three days if you wanted, and let’s face it – that’s probably how we’d all handle the scenario in real life.

Unlike it’s relatively unique gaming namesake, Dead Rising: Watchtower was a fairly standard zombie-bludgeoning affair starring John-Tucker-Must-Die and Dennis ‘President David Palmer’ Haysbert, and it averages solid 5/10s across the board.

The folks behind Dead Rising: Watchtower – Legendary Digital and Contradiction Films – will be working with Inafune again to bring the live-action Mighty No. 9 movie to cinemas.

Yes, that’s right: The Mighty No. 9 movie will be live-action.

That might be a surprise – you’d think the Mighty No. 9 movie would be better suited as an animation, like the Mega Man cartoon series of old (sorry) – but we’re all still pleased to see Mighty No. 9 getting the attention it deserves.

Mighty No. 9 (the game) is released on September 18 2015. Pre-order it now from Amazon.

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