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Mobius Final Fantasy gets new content today

Square Enix reveal the first batch of new cards coming to Mobius Final Fantasy.



Mobius Final Fantasy - Art

Square Enix reveal the first batch of new cards coming to Mobius Final Fantasy.

A series of new gameplay changes are rolling out today to Square Enix’s popular mobile RPG, Mobius Final Fantasy.

From today until April 17, a Final Fantasy Record Keeper collaboration will run, giving players the opportunity to collect Firion, Warrior of Light, and other limited edition cards from the Grand Summon. Each card features sprite art work from Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


A Solo Limit Break Event will also run until May 2. During the event players can help the Moogles defeat some monstrous ne’er do wells on the sacred ground of Olympos.

Starting on April 6, new 4-star Sicarius battles will be available in Ring of Braves, and additional 4-star quests for Ifrit, Anima and Shiva will become available throughout the month.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. The new Heretical Knight Job warrior-type – which boasts high HP and defence, as well as resistance to wind, earth and darkness elements – is now available and can be obtained from the Greater Ability Summon. There are also new items available at Moggy’s exchange, and six new ability cards that can increase offensive power. You’ve never had it so good, have you?

If you have already played the game, we’ll assume all this all makes sense. If not, you can get involved by downloading Mobius Final Fantasy from the App Store, Google Play and Steam.

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