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The world of Fallout mods is diverse and varied, and unfortunately we don’t have the time, nor the energy, to cover all of them. Plus, a large proportion of them are nude mods, and we’re not 12 year old boys.

But every now and then a mod comes along that really grabs the attention, and today’s contender is the Be The Dog mod – which you can check out over on the nexusmods site – that allows you to play Fallout 4 as Dogmeat. As with all mods, it’s prone to bugs and is at the whims of the scripted bits at the beginning of the game (as detailed on the mod’s page) but seeing Dogmeat dealing with the Vault-Tec rep is priceless.

Play Fallout 4 as Dogmeat with Dogmeat companion

Also, you can play as other dogs you’d find in the Boston Commonwealth, or any dog model you choose to mod in for that matter, but why you wouldn’t simply play Fallout 4 as Dogmeat – and pair up with a second Dogmeat for twice the fun – is beyond us.

Source: VG247

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