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Solve for X: Monster Hunter X is actually Monster Hunter Cross (not 10), in a slightly confusingly-named follow-up to Monster Hunter 4…

Monster Hunter X (Cross) for Nintendo 3DS was announced during Capcom’s ‘Gathering of Monster Hunter 2015’ event in Japan, and was confirmed during a Japan-only Nintendo Direct presentation. It’s slated for release in Japan for ‘Winter 2015’ but other than that, details are pretty scarce, and there’s no indication yet of any Western release for the confusingly-titled Monster Hunter X (Cross).

There is a trailer, though, and it looks freaking awesome:

Who wants to follow up Monster Hunter 4 with Monster Hunter 5 anyway? Monster Hunter X (Cross) makes much more sense…

Thanks to Game Jouhou/Game Talk for the tip, and to Capcom’s Youtube channel for the video.

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  1. Well it’s not named Monster Hunter 5 because it isn’t Monster Hunter 5. It’s more akin to the "Portable/Freedom" series which don’t use the main number naming convention. In addition, it’s being directed by the same person who does the Portable/Freedom series which supports this.

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