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Mortal Kombat X and Mario Kart 8 DLC Face Off

Two pieces of DLC hit the news this week. Both are for long-running and much-loved franchises but both are worlds apart in terms of quality and value.



Mario Kart 8 DLC

Easy FatalitiesFirst up was some new DLC for Warner’s Mortal Kombat X, the latest title in a series that stretches back to 1992. Previously announced DLC for the game featured a collection of movie tie-in characters including Predator and Jason Voorhees. However this week the earth almost stopped turning as single-use ‘Easy Fatalities’ went on sale.

Naturally this has proved controversial. Fatalities in Mortal Kombat are the winner’s gloat, the spit on the corpse, a final show of skill and superiority. Paying for Fatalities undermines their very purpose.

They are not cheap either. ‘Easy Fatalities’ come in packs of five priced at $0.99, or 30 priced at a $4.99.


Reception to the DLC has been strong with Kotaku memorably noting the event under the headline, Video Games, 2015.

Meanwhile Nintendo revealed details of the second Mario Kart 8 add-on content pack. In contrast this piece of DLC contains an embarrassment of riches. Priced at $7.99, or at $11.99 if bought with the first content pack, it contains eight new tracks, four new karts, and three new racers. A free update to the game also includes a new super-fast 200cc mode.

Admittedly the Mario Kart 8 DLC costs $3.00 more, so here is a handy guide to help you determine the best way of spending your money.

DLC comparison guide

[pricing_table separate_columns=”yes”]
[pricing_column title=”Mario Kart 8″ subtitle=”$7.99” featured=”no”]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Animal Crossing Course[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Big Blue Course[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Super Bell Subway Course[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Wild Woods Course[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Baby Park Course[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Cheese Land Course[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Koopa City Course[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Ribbon Road Course[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Villager character[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Isabelle character[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Dry Bowser character[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Bone Rattler Bike[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]City Tripper Bike[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Streetle Kart[/pricing_row]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]P-Wing Kart[/pricing_row]
[pricing_column title=”Mortal Kombat X” subtitle=”$4.99” featured=”no”]
[pricing_row strikethrough=”false” bold=”false” italics=”false”]Single use – Easy fatalities x 30[/pricing_row]

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