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Are you a budding Eddie Jordan or Jean Todt? It’s time to prove it: Motorsport Manager is out now on PC and Mac.

The launch trailer for Motorsport Manager suggests that children grow up dreaming of being the chief of a racing team. It’s a sweet notion – and many children do absolutely dream of being engineers and businesspeople – but it’s far more likely that children have been growing up dreaming of driving the cars, not managing them.

There’s an undeniable draw to the realistic simulation title, though. We see a remarkable level of interest in what you might consider boring games – the likes of American Truck Simulator and Farming Simulator 2017 – and Motorsport Manager could be another hit.

Taking control of everything in a Formula One team, from research and development and hiring staff through to overall strategy and race day tactics, the game will have plenty to keep fans of both motorsport and detailed simulations happy. It’s something of a spiritual successor to the great Microprose management simulators of the early nineties, which is no bad thing.

And if you’re in the Venn diagram of both of those? Then Motorsport Manager – which is out today on PC and Mac – could just be the game for you. A Linux version and full Steam Workshop support are also in the pipeline, and we’ll let you know when that will be available.

Buy Motorsport Manager from the Steam store.

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