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N++ will be coming to PlayStation 4 at the end of July.

N++ will hit the US PlayStation store on July 28th, with a European release the following day. For the first two weeks of release PlayStation Plus members will also receive a 20%  discount.

The game is a sequel to N+, one of the earliest Xbox Live Arcade hits, and sees a bold new look for the series –  although the brain-frying mix of ninja acrobatics and brutal deaths remains intact.

We spoke to Metanet Software during GDC week back in 2014, when the game was still early in development. At the time it had 1,000 levels. Well, it looks like they’ve had a busy sixteen months as the game will be shipping with an impressive 2,360 individual stages.

And if you blast through those – which seems unlikely, given the game’s fiendish design – there’s an all new level creator to get your teeth into, complete with online sharing.

Here’s a new trailer that breaks down some of the impressive numbers in the game.

N++ will be released on July 28th and 29th, no price has yet been announced.

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