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Paradox Interactive announce a new catastrophic expansion for Cities: Skylines. 

The Natural Disasters add-on features a catalog of major calamities – ranging from city-wide fires to meteor strikes – that players have to prepare for by planning emergency routes and early warning systems. And if the worst does happen, you’ll also have to deal with the destructive after-effects, helping the populace as they rebuild their lives.

A new broadcast radio network is included that you can use to help spread evacuation warnings and emergency alerts, as well as use to chill-out to several new in-game music stations.

The various city-destroying events can be set to occur at random, or can be manually triggered by mayors with a nasty streak and penchant for dealing with a load of crap.

The expansion also includes a new Scenario Mode, where custom challenges can be designed and shared through Steam Workshop. Players can fully tweak the game’s objectives, including starting cities, win conditions, time limits, and more.

Natural Disasters will be released for Cities: Skylines on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs this winter.

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