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Like sports games, but wish they felt a bit more like an RPG sometimes? Then check out this NBA 2K17 career mode trailer. Swish.

When we saw the FIFA 17 reveal at this year’s EA E3 conference, we couldn’t help but snigger at the career mode. For a game that’s generally about playing in eight minute chunks, the idea of a linear story progression – complete with uncanny valley cutscenes, celebrity cameos, and training montages – seemed a bit odd. But credit where credit’s due, developers are determined to cram the career mode down our throats whether we want it or not push through with their story-driven career modes. Case in point: the latest NBA 2K17 career mode trailer, featuring a young Michael Jordan as the protagonist.

No, not that Michael Jordan. You won’t be playing college ball in the eighties, rising to the top of the game with the Chicago Bulls in the early nineties, culminating in starring in the Disney classic Space Jam, opposite Bugs Bunny. In the NBA 2K17 career mode, your rising star – Justice Young – will be played by Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan.

Yes, from the terrible Fantastic Four reboot. That Michael Jordan.

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQn2CyywKEQ” autoplay=”no”]

It really does demonstrate the commitment to the NBA 2K17 story mode, though, getting a charismatic (and probably very expensive) Hollywood star to play their hero. Wouldn’t the opportunity to play yourself in career mode – rather than putting the player in the shoes of a ready-moulded character – make more sense, though?

NBA 2K17 launches on September 16, 2016. Pre-order it now from Amazon.

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