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Two Corsair hardware announcements in one day? You’re spoiling us.

In contrast to Corsair’s other new hardware announcement today – the positively radioactive-looking ML Pro RGB fans – the HS50 gaming headset is subtle and understated. In fact, it’s subtle and understated compared to most every other gaming headset that comes across the news desk.

In fact, because the Corsair HS50 headset comes with a removable boom mic, you can even take it off and use them just like regular stereo headphones. And for once, for a gaming headset, you won’t look like an extra from bad seventies sci-fi walking down the street, listening to Spotify. Which is nice.

Getting back on track for a moment, that’s also a useful feature for streamers who prefer to use a desk-mounted microphone, making a boom mic on any headset effectively redundant.

The HS50’s built-in mic is multi-directional, reduces ambient noise, and is also “Discord Certified” – which is, we think, the gamer equivalent of regular headsets saying “Skype Certified”. Which is, we think, mostly marketing, but there we are.

The Corsair HS50 is outfitted with two 50mm neodynium speaker drivers for quality sound reproduction, and comes with a single 3.5mm combined connector – ideal for use with smartphones and laptops, as well as the PS4 and Xbox One.

If you want to use it with a PC which has traditional, dual soundcard connections for mic and headphones, the Corsair HS50 also comes with a handy Y-connector, which is a nice bonus.

Corsair HS50 headset colours

It’s also a rather attractive piece of kit – in a choice of Carbon, Green and Blue trim – and, crucially, the Corsair HS50 actually looks like a legit product for actual grown ups.

I’m not sure if I stressed this enough, but I’m really pleased this looks like a sensible, mature headset for people over the age of 12. Which is a rather refreshing change in the amazing technicolour gaming hardware space.

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