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Nintendo has updated the My Nintendo rewards programme with a new selection of game discounts.

The latest batch of rewards – which are available to My Nintendo members in Europe – includes six new game discounts, and a new Mario wallpaper for the Nintendo 3DS.

There’s only one Platinum point reward, but it’s good one: a 30% price cut on the wonderful BoxBoy!.

Gold point rewards include 40% off the enjoyable Kirby: Triple Deluxe on 3DS, a 50% price reduction on the super-fun 3DS puzzle game, Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure, and a 40% price cut on its Wii U brother, Dr. Luigi.

You can also pick up a new 3DS theme featuring Mario and friends.

My Nintendo Rewards

Platinum Point rewards

  • BoxBoy! (3DS) – 30% discount – 50 points

Gold Point rewards

  • Mario Characters Theme (3DS) – 20 points
  • Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS) – 40% discount – 80 points
  • Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (3DS) – 50% discount – 50 points
  • Dr. Luigi (Wii U) – 40% discount – 60 points
  • Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising – GBA Virtual Console – (Wii U) – 50% discount – 35 points
  • Wave Race 64 – N64 Virtual Console – (Wii U) – 50% discount – 50 points

US My Nintendo members can still grab a range of Zelda-themed rewards. And don’t forget, you can also trade in your Gold points against Nintendo Switch digital software via the Nintendo eShop.

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