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There’s a new Street Fighter V trailer out and it’s all about Ken (and his beautiful golden locks).

With his near-identical play style and move set, Street Fighter’s Ken was always considered something of a carbon copy of Ryu. He even looks the same, just with a few colours and visual details adjusted – red gi instead of white, blonde hair instead of black – it’s almost as if they were re-using the character models to make it look like the roster was bigger or something…

Capcom look to have addressed this in Street Fighter V by giving him a new haircut to make him stand out from the Ryu mould. Trouble is, Ken now looks a bit like a muscular Barbie, with his beautiful blonde locks and Daenerys Targaryen eyebrows.

This is what Ken looked like in the pinnacle-of-the-series Street Fighter II Turbo:

Street Fighter II Ken

And this is what he looks like in Street Fighter V:

Street Fighter V Ken

OK, to be fair the eyebrows were always fierce, but he looks a lot less menacing than he once did, don’t you think?

Thankfully the new trailer for Street Fighter V that Capcom have released at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con proves that Ken is still a bad-ass (even though he looks more Shih Tzu than Jujitsu).

Quite why the Street Fighter V trailer is taking place in what appears to be a London train station (and they’re plastered the word London on it, just to make sure nobody is in any doubt) is unclear; perhaps everyone is angry that the tube drivers are on strike, and have resorted to violence.

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