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Nintendo has kicked off 2014’s PR offensive with a new Nintendo Direct broadcast. In typically humorous fashion Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed more details about a raft of forthcoming games, including Super Smash Bros, Mario Golf: World Tour, Kirby Triple Deluxe and Yoshi’s New Island.

A few new titles were also announced, with Steel Diver: Sub Wars arriving on 3DS today, and Ubisoft’s Child of Light and NES Remix 2 coming to Wii U in Spring. Nintendo also gave Mario Kart 8 a confirmed EU launch date of May 30th 2014.

No megatons this time around, but a solid presentation.

Summary of announcements:

Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS – Little Mac is a playable character
Mario Golf: World Tour – Mii customisation options
Kirby Triple Deluxe – new moves and collectables
Yoshi’s New Island – big eggs, big metal eggs, jack hammers and wings
Steel Diver: Sub Wars – a contemplative FPS no less, out now
Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball – a collection of ‘not quite the real deal’ mini-games, and haggling
Pokemon Battle Trozei – a Pokemon matching puzzler
Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy – character and game play news
Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate – coming to the West in 2015
Weapon Shop de Omasse – game play features
Inazuma 11 – game play and story update
Indie overview – (Moon Chronicles, Treasurenauts, Shovel Knight, 1001 Spikes, Retro City Rampage)
Child of Light – new Ubisoft downloadable RPG for Wii U
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Breeze – new trailer
NES Remix 2 – new game reveal, features full Super Luigi Bros.
Virtual Console – GBA titles announced, starting in April
Mario Kart 8 – new trailer and Koopalings character reveal
– Game play footage
Bayonetta 2– Game play footage

You can re-watch the broadcast right here.

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