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The price of the Nintendo 2DS has been tumbling of late. It was already the cheapest of the Nintendo hardware on the market, but Ninty have been cutting hard to try and keep the unit relevant in a marketplace where handheld gaming is, for the most part, losing out to mobile. Whether it should be is another question entirely, one which James covered at great length recently, which is convenient!

Now Nintendo have dropped the 2DS price down to a mere $79.99 US, including a copy of the fantastic Mario Kart 7. Yes, that’s eighty bucks; only twenty dollars more than the price you’ll pay for a AAA title on one of the other successful consoles (sorry, Wii U).

There’s currently no indication of whether the 2DS price drops will be reflected globally, or whether the 3DS will also see prices slashed like its little brother, but two things are clear at this point: Nintendo is trying to react to the prevalence of mobile and keep its handsets relevant; and they surely can’t drop the 2DS price any further… can they?

It almost sounds like a 2DS fire sale.

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