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UK Nintendo eShop releases for 10th December 2015

If you go down to the eShop today you’ll be sure of a big surprise.



Nintendo eShop releases

If you go down to the eShop today you’ll be sure of a big surprise.

After a bit of a barren spell there has been a welcome upturn in the calibre of recent Nintendo eShop releases.

The delightful Human Resource Machine was the highlight of last week’s line-up and there are at least three games hitting the store today also worthy of attention


First up is the highly anticipated SteamWorld Heist – Image and Form’s sequel to their 2013 breakout hit, SteamWorld Dig. The game comes to 3DS at the discounted price of £11.99 until the end of the year.

Meanwhile the Wii U sees the long overdue arrival of Terraria, and the next best thing to a new F-Zero, Shin’en’s FAST Racing NEO.

Nintendo eShop Releases for 10th December 2015

Wii U

  • Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures – £8.99
  • Dinox – £4.49
  • FAST Racing NEO – £10.99
  • Game & Watch Gallery Advance (Virtual Console) – £6.29
  • Polarium Advance (Virtual Console) – £6.29
  • VoxelMaker – £3.49


  • Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures – £8.99
  • Petit Novel Series… Harvest December – £9.19
  • SteamWorld Heist – £11.99
  • Terraria – £16.99
  • The Magic Hammer – £4.49
  • Rytmik Ultimate – £15.99

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