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Nintendo makes me feel sad inside with new Animal Crossing amiibos

Nintendo announces new Animal Crossing amiibo figures.



Mr Reset Amiibo

Nintendo announces new Animal Crossing amiibo figures.

When Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS was released I hesitated to buy any amiibo figures. Not for me, I thought.

But there they were, on store shelves, constantly being recommended to me on Amazon, and in the news day and night – so I relented. One or two couldn’t hurt, could they?


Of course, you know what happens next.

Two became four became six became…. and so on. Then my nearest and dearest bought me a couple and before you know it, I’m a grown man with a shelf full of toys, I mean, ahem, figurines.

I’m ready to draw the line. Enough is enough. But what do Nintendo do? They get stuck into the Animal Crossing series, that’s what.

In addition to the Isabelle and K.K. Slider amiibos previewed over the summer Nintendo have now announced four more Animal Crossing amiibos including Blathers, Resetti.

And look at them.

Animal Crossing Amiibo

It’s gonna be hard to say no. It makes me sad inside. It’s time to start a support group I think.

The Animal Crossing amiibos will be released in Japan this December and will likely make it to the west around the same time to accompany the release of the Wii U party game, Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival.

If you are jumping down this rabbit hole, why not preorder Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival on Amazon and be done with it.

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