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What do you mean, you’ve not heard of Mario Kart Tour?

No, you’re not losing your marbles. Nor have you just woken from a coma and missed some major announcements. Mario Kart Tour is not a new Nintendo Switch version of Mario Kart: it’s a mobile game.

Originally pencilled in for March 31st, 2019, Nintendo of Japan has today taken to Twitter to announce that the Mario Kart Tour release date has been pushed back.

If you don’t read Kanji – and neither do we, we’re totally relying on translators here – the tweet says:

“The application for smartphone ‘Mario Kart Tour’ will be scheduled to be distributed in the summer of 2019 in order to improve the quality of the application and expand the content of the service after delivery.”

We wouldn’t always rely on automated translation, especially from a language as complex and nuanced as Japanese (right, Ariana?) but both Google Translate and Twitter’s in-built translator, powered by Microsoft, agree on that translation. Even if they’ve got a few words wrong between them, the overall message is clear: Mario Kart Tour has been delayed to summer 2019, to improve the quality of the game.

What’s that old Miyamoto-san quote about a delayed game?

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