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Nintendo NX prize for winners of ESL’s Go4Splatoon tournament

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Winning ESL Go4Splatoon team to get their hands – assuming it uses hands – on Nintendo’s new NX console.

What ever happened to midnight launches? We hope this isn’t the only way anyone you’ll be able to get a Nintendo NX but at the moment we’re open to suggestions.

Starting this Sunday, Splatoon players around Europe will begin splatting it out in the ESL Go4Splatoon tournament.

The six-month season of tournaments will conclude with a grand final in 2017, where the winning team from each month’s cup will battle for the chance to win a prize worth literally hundreds of pounds; Nintendo’s new video game system, code-named NX.

The first weekly cup takes place on Sunday 11th September, with players on the cup-winning team each receiving an item of official Splatoon clothing signed by members of the game’s development team.

The top teams of each weekly tournament will earn Go4Splatoon ranking points, and each calendar month, the eight teams with the most ranking points will proceed to the following month’s Europe Monthly Final, with September’s highest-ranked teams going through to the monthly cup in mid-October.

Interest players can sign up and find out more on the ESL Go4Splatoon website.

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