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Nintendo has finally announced that its next console – codenamed NX – will be released in 2017. It isn’t the news anyone wants to hear but nor is it a huge surprise. This is Nintendo we’re talking about, after all.

Now that the release window has been revealed we can check a few items off our NX rumour scorecard and get back to the dirty business of predictions and speculation.

Here’s our round-up of every rumour we can find. If you find another worth including, let us know in th comments below.

When Nintendo finally reveals the NX we’ll check back and see just how accurate they were.

The NX will launch in Spring 2017  True
Nintendo NX Rumour Scorecard  Outcome  
 The NX will be more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One
 The NX will not be quite as powerful as the PS4 and Xbox One
 The NX will be a dongle-sized device that plugs into to HDMI
 The NX will be a combined home console and handheld
 The NX will be a handheld that streams to a TV
 The NX controller will work like a portable Wii U gamepad
 The NX will look like Stewie Griffin’s head
 The NX controller will have a screen
 The NX controller will not have a screen
 The NX controller will use haptic feedback
 The NX controller screen will not be rectangular (nor like Stewie)
 The NX will come withWi-Fi hotspots
 The NX will use a custom Polaris-like GPU
 The NX will not use discs
 The NX will use custom AMD chipset
 The NX will display notifications from your phone
 You will be able to play mobile games on NX
 The NX will have more first party titles at launch than the Wii U in total
 The Legend of Zelda Wii U will be an NX launch title  True
 Splatoon will receive an NX port
 Super Smash will receive an NX port
 Super Mario Maker will receive and NX port
 Pikmin 4 will be an NX launch title
 Luigi’s Mansion 3 is being developed for NX by Next level games
 Final Fantasy XV will come to NX
 The NX will not have a global launch  False
 Of course the NX will have a global launch True
 The NX will launch in Fall 2016  False

Our hunch is that the NX will be a Wii Balance Board with a screen in the middle. You read it here first.

Let us know in the comments below if we have missed any rumours and we’ll add them in.

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