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The game offers players the chance to lead create their own football team and lead them to glory via training strategies, line-up tactics and competitive online play. The game also lets you create your own colours and team emblem.

Ostensibly a card based strategy game Nintendo Pocket Football Club features local play, Spot Pass features and competitive online play. Players will be able to track their progress and compare their performance with teams from around Europe on the NPFC website.

Nintendo have also released a new Iwata Asks interview on the game.

Nintendo Pocket Football Club will be released with a discounted launch price of £10.79 until 1st May and will be priced at £13.49 thereafter.

    1. Price is always an issue on the eShop. Plenty of great games, but they are always priced just a little too high to make them an impulse purchase. I agree with you though, could be interesting and if it was £3-4 I’d give it a go.

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