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Nintendo’s Healthy Approach

There is lots of discussion about Nintendo’s Third Quarter Financial Results, but having read Satoru Iwata’s presentation I feel somewhat reassured about the direction of the company.



Wii U Console

I don’t know if the Wii U will ever gain the traction it needs to be considered a success, but I’m glad that the company is not jumping on the mobile bandwagon.

There’s no doubt that Nintendo could make some of the best mobile games, but is that what we really want? We should want Nintendo, (and Sony and Microsoft and Valve and Ouya and everyone) to innovate, take risks and try new approaches.

We should be concerned with the quality of the games we play and the experiences we have, just as much as the financial results of any particular company. The Wii U may end up being a huge failure, but I would rather see a failed attempt to innovate than no attempt at all.


Regardless of your thoughts and opinion of Nintendo, the Results presentation is well worth a read.

Link: Nintendo’s Third Quarter Financial Results

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