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A summer revamp is on its way for Nintendo’s social network.

Miiverse is a fun – if occasionally slow to load – collection of communities based on the games that hit Nintendo’s consoles.

Over the past few years it has been home to some wonderful fan art and shared screenshots. It’s also seen developers share their thoughts on their games and even some of Nintendo’s notoriously reclusive designers have made an appearance to talk about their wares.

Due to careful, but not over zealous, moderation it’s also a family friendly social network, free of trolling and penis pictures. It’s a typically Nintendo take on social media.

And being typically Nintendo, it’s also slightly obtuse to use and has grown a little messy over the last three years. But good news folks, Nintendo has announced a Miiverse revamp, arriving this summer.

The redesign will add some new features, including screenshot albums and a play journal but also improvements to the design of game communities and the addition of a new discussion channel.

Hopefully these changes will make browsing Miiverse that little bit more pleasurable. Now, if they can speed things up a little too…

Find out more about the new features over at Nintendo.net

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