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Hello Games announces No Man’s Sky Beyond, including No Man’s Sky Online

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Hello Games aren’t done with it just yet: the massive new No Man’s Sky Beyond update is coming this summer, including No Man’s Sky Online.

Even though it has announced its next game, The Last Campfire, Hello Games is still providing free content updates for No Man’s Sky.

More pertinently, even though everyone was absolutely awful to them when No Man’s Sky released, Hello Games is still providing free content updates for No Man’s Sky. Seriously. We don’t deserve Hello Games.

Since its original release on PC and PS4 in 2016, and having made its way to Xbox One, No Man’s Sky has seen a number of updates. First came Foundation which added, among other things, base building and freighters. Next was Path Finder, which brought planetary vehicles and base sharing, followed by Atlas Rises, which overhauled the game’s main story and started thinking with portals.

Update 1.5, AKA No Man’s Sky Next, released in 2018. This was the big one, as far as the angry internet loons were concerned: it added co-op. This combined No Man’s Sky’s shared universe with limited-size multiplayer servers, allowing groups of four to explore together on servers with (we think, from memory) 12 players total. Then we saw The Abyss, with underwater action, and Visions, with a bunch of new biomes.

Now Hello Games has announced the next massive update: No Man’s Sky Beyond.

The first component of Beyond is No Man’s Sky Online. We don’t have further details on that yet – we’re not expecting it to turn the game into a full-on MMO – but given that the game’s current multiplayer component is limited to small-scale co-op, it would be fair to assume it’s bigger in scope than that.

As for the other two parts of No Man’s Sky Beyond? There’s no indication on that yet, but given that all three “major” new features will release in Summer 2019, we’re expecting to hear about them in the next month or two.

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