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No Man’s Sky gets a huge launch day patch that makes significant changes to the game.

You might have heard that there’s a big new PlayStation 4 release this week? However, if you’ve been reading previews of No Man’s Sky, you’ll find that the patched version of the game will offer a very different experience.

Warning: light spoilers ahead

In a post on the No Man’s Sky blog, Hello Games founder Sean Murray has revealed a huge list of changes and updates to the game delivered by a launch day patch. Among the most significant are new ‘unique paths’ through the game, improved graphical effects, plus changes to the universe generation algorithm and a rewrite to The Atlas path by Murray and Deus Ex writer, James Swallow.

Murray cites the importance of players having a good first impression and many of the tweaks do appear to address some of the issues raised by those with access to early copies of the game. He also reveals that No Man’s Sky‘s servers will be wiped at some point today – and again on Monday – giving the universe a nice clean reboot for launch day. If you do have an early copy of the game it’s recommended that you delete any existing save files to get the best experience.

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AVmI73va4g” autoplay=”no”]

Murray confirmed that updates for the game will continue post-launch and will include – in addition to technical improvements – the ability to build bases and own space freighters.

No Man’s Sky is released on 9th August on PS4 and 12th August on PC and is available to buy from Amazon.

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