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Leaks? What leaks? Dontnod’s new action-RPG gets its official E3 trailer at last.

It’s certainly a change in tone from the studio’s previous game, Life is Strange, but appears to place just as much emphasis on narrative, with a story steeped in vampire mythology that explores growing pains of a different kind.

The trailer explores the horror that protagonist Doctor Jonathan Reid has to suffer as he becomes a blood-loving monster.

Vampyr includes a levelling system that is tied to a choice-based narrative mechanic. It has echoes of Bioshock’s Adam harvesting conceit, where being an arse can pay off with short term rewards. We just hope there’s the scene where Reid looks into a mirror, clenches his fist, and says: “What have I become?

You can have that one on us, Dontnod.

Vampyr will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.

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