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It’s been getting a little bit App Store on the PlayStation Store in recent weeks.

What are all these games? Where did they come from? What are they like? And what’s with all these card games coming to PS Vita?

Frankly, we can’t keep up.

That said, some of this week’s crop do look pretty interesting with No Time to Explain and Adam’s Venture: Origins catching our eye.

And if you love Amserica’s favourite pastime there are two new baseball games to check out: MLB The Show 16 and third edition of the resurrected R.B.I. Baseball.

Here’s the full line-up.

PlayStation Store releases for 29th March 2016.

PlayStation 4

  • Adam’s Venture: Origins
  • Arcade Archives Life Force
  • Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus
  • Fenix Furia
  • Gryphon Knight Epic
  • MLB The Show 16
  • Nights of Azure
  • No Time to Explain
  • Organic Panic
  • PieceFall
  • R.B.I. Baseball 16
  • Resident Evil 6
  • UnEpic (Cross Buy)

PlayStation Vita

  • Knight Solitaire
  • Maliya
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus
  • Tachyon Project
  • Trillion: God of Destruction
  • UnEpic (Cross Buy)

PlayStation 3

  • MLB The Show 16

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