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Here’s your round-up of the PlayStation Store releases for Tuesday 4 October, 2016.

This week sees the release of Mafia III. It’s a game we’ve been following closely here at Thumbsticks. We thoroughly enjoyed last generation’s predecessor  but our E3 preview of Hangar 13’s follow-up left us a little cold. That said, the game’s sumptuous version of New Orleans (called New Bordeaux) looks amazing and it has also has a soundtrack to die for, so here’s hoping.

If you fancy something a little simpler there are also two collections of classics Atari games hitting the PlayStation Store this week. Across the two volumes you can revisit such delights as Centipede, Star Raiders, Asteroids, Adventure and Major Havoc.

Our indie pick of the week is Wheels of Aurelia, a narrative racing game set in the roaring ’70s. The game is an interactive fiction adventure in which each playthrough lasts a mere fifteen minutes. However, the story can change with each journey and there are sixteen different endings to discover. You do the math.

And sorry PS Vita and PS3 owners, no games for you.

Here’s the full release list:

PlayStation Store releases for 4 October, 2016.

PlayStation 4

  • A Bastard’s Tale
  • Aragami
  • Atari Flashback Classics: Volume 1
  • Atari Flashback Classics: Volume 2
  • Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today
  • Mafia III (7 October)
  • Rogue Stormers
  • Space Hulk Ascension
  • Tropico 5 Complete Collection
  • Viking Squad
  • Warhammer: End Times — Vermintide
  • Wheels of Aurelia

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