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PlayStation Store releases for 4th August 2015

Six new PS4 games hit the PlayStation Store on Tuesday 4th August 2015.



PlayStation Store

Six new PS4 games hit the PlayStation Store on Tuesday 4th August 2015.

If you own a PS3 or PS Vita there isn’t much to get excited about with this week’s PlayStation Store releases. In fact, there’s nothing at all.

However, if you own a PlayStation 4 there are some choice titles to pick from. Yes, Boggle is here at last.


Oh, and so is Galak-Z: The Dimensional. 

17-bit’s space-shooter has been long anticipated. The anime-inspired aesthetics and procedural dungeon design alone make it a title worth investigating. And if you want to know more about Galak-Z’s level design, check out our GDC report.


Releasing alongside Boggle and Galak-Z is the interesting post-apocalyptic and combat-free game Submerged, and the PS4 edition of the side-scrolling actioner, Aeternoblade

PlayStation Store releases for August 4 2015

  • AeternobladePS4 — Digital
  • BogglePS4 — Digital
  • The Castle GamePS4 — Digital
  • Galak-Z: The DimensionalPS4 — Digital
  • SubmergedPS4 — Digital
  • Trans-Galactic TournamentPS4 — Digital

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