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Pokémon Generations, new series of animated shorts, begins this week on YouTube.

The series will launch on the official Pokémon YouTube channel this Friday, 16 September, at 5pm BST. Each episode takes a look back at each generation of the video game series, exploring the stories, characters and Pokémon of each generation. A new trailer gives a sneak peek of the ‘excitement and adventure’ in store.

The series will run for 18 episodes, with each running between three and five minutes in length. The first two parts launch this week and subsequent episodes will be released every Friday through to 23 December, 2016.

To promote the series The Pokémon Company has also released several pieces of concept art, including designs of N and Team Plasma Grunts from Black/White, and Professor Sycamore from X/Y, as well as environmental art depicting the Kanto, Unova and Kalos regions.

Pokémon Generations concept art

You can catch the first episode on YouTube this Friday.

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