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People have been crying out for it for years, and it’s finally coming: Pokémon GO, the real-life, augmented reality Pokémon game is coming.

When Nintendo announced they would be moving into the mobile world, everybody sat up and took notice.

Sure, going mobile can lead to a reduction in quality and a watering-down of the overall product, but with Nintendo’s commitment to design – often at the expense of quantity and, ultimately, sales volume – there’s a glimmer of hope that they might just get mobile right.

Mario would be cool, and The Legend of Zelda would be great, but what’s the game everyone has been screaming out for? A mobile Pokémon title. And one is coming. Oh boy, is one coming.

The newly released trailer – fresh off the Nintendo press train this morning – shows us that not only is a mobile Pokémon title coming, but it’s going to be an augmented-reality in-real-life Pokémon experience. This is Pokémon GO.

Aside from leading a young chap down a few questionable-looking dark alleys in the name of catching ’em all, the Pokémon GO trailer does make the concept look amazing, and why wouldn’t it be? Viewed through the lens of your Android or iPhone’s camera/screen you can catch Pokémon in the real world, then trade and battle with your friends.

Then there’s Mewtwo. Hundreds of Pokémon GO trainers come together in a city square to take on a timed challenge to bring down Mewtwo in under ten minutes and it looks epic. It really does make Pokémon GO look like a fun social experience, rather than just a game.

The Pokémon GO trailer also has some of the best pacing and musical direction you’ll come across and it’s hard not to feel stirred by it, even if you’re not the biggest of Pokémon fans.

Pokémon GO isn’t expected on mobile until 2016. Until then, why not shop for existing Pokémon titles on Amazon?

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