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Strategy lock ‘em up to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Double Eleven and Introversion Software have announced that Prison Architect will come to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 this Spring, priced $29.99.

Prison Architect was released last October on PC and has so far sold in excess of 1.5 million copies.

The console editions of the game come with a couple of new features. The first is the addition of Prison Warden Mode, which is designed to get players straight into the action using one of several pre-built prisons. Also new is the World of Wardens, a feature that lets you share prisons online and govern prisons created by other players.

Mark South, chief operating officer of Double Eleven said:

Prison Architect stands as a truly unique, thought-provoking look into how one would build and operate their own Prison playing out the consequences of your decisions. We were delighted that Introversion chose us to develop and publish the console editions of Prison Architect, as one of the most respected developers in the world that meant so much to all of us as we know this is their baby.  We only take on games that we enjoy and that we know we can do a stellar job of creating; both Introversion and future players deserve no less.”

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there will be PlayStation 3 release, a shame considering it has a cell processor. Oh well.

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