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Classic arcade shooter R-Type is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch

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Tozai Games are bringing two classic sci-fi shoot ’em ups to PC and Nintendo Switch in R-Type Dimensions.

If you’ve been a regular reader of Thumbsticks over the past few years you’ll know that we were blown away by Lizardcube’s stunning remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap.

The Sega Master System original was an all-time classic – and would have been enjoyable enough to play again in its own right – but the beautifully redrawn art, and stunning soundtrack elevated it into something special. It was a retro remake that managed to enhance the original game.

The ability to swiftly switch between the retro and updated versions of the game was also well implemented, and we weren’t alone in hoping that more games of the era would receive similar treatment.

Well, Tozai Games has announced that Irem’s beloved arcade shooters, R-Type and R-Type II, will be released on Switch and PC later this year in one package called R-Type Dimensions

Like Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, both games can be played in classic mode with the original 2D pixel graphics and music, or with new HD 3D graphics and remastered audio.

R-Type Remake

The package also adds a Full Power-Up mode that lets players use maximum fire power at will, and Fast Forward and Slow Motion functions that can increase or decrease the speed of the game. There will also be couch co-op support for two players.

Sounds wonderful, frankly. However, I must admit that I’m a little underwhelmed by the somewhat waxy new art style. That being said, the transition effect – as seen in the trailer – is very smooth, and the new music has a pleasing thrust to it.

R-Type Dimensions will be released on PC via Steam, and the Nintendo Switch via the eShop in Winter 2018.

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