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As with all multiplayer online games, they’re only as good as their continued support and available updates from the developer. Today sees Ubisoft’s latest nugget of content for Rainbow Six: Siege released, the cheerily-named Skull Rain update.

The Rainbow Six: Siege Skull Rain update includes a new Favela map – which we’re informed by Ubisoft is the most destructible environment to date – and introduces two new BOPE operators: Caveira and Capitão. Caveira is a ruthless interrogator who uses her stealth technique, the Silent Step, to sneak up on her targets undetected. Capitão is armed with a tactical crossbow which can fire lethal asphyxiating bolts and micro grenades that allow for quick and unexpected attacks.

But how do you access this thin sliver of new content available in the Rainbow Six: Siege Skull Rain update?

From today – August 2, 2016 – the Favela map will be available for all players. Season Pass holders will instantly receive the new BOPE operators, Caveira and Capitão, while players without the Season Pass can unlock the operators with Renown or R6 credits a week later, starting on August 9, 2016.

Rainbow: Six Siege is available to purchase from Amazon.

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  1. What time does this thing come out? When will the new dlc come out (eastern time)? Exactly what time? Let me know! Asap

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