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Camouflaj share a slice of République on the Unity Asset Store.

At the launch of Unity 5 in March Camouflaj’s Ryan Payton demonstrated how the upgraded Unity engine was used to impressive effect in the remastered version of République.

The Camouflaj team have documented their use of Unity 5 in the Remastering République: The Journey to Unity 5 series of videos, articles and blog posts.

Now they have announced via the Unity blog that they are also sharing a slice of the game on the Unity Asset Store. The hope being that developers can learn about the possibilities and potential of the engine.

Several areas from République are available, including the Brigs, the Atrium, and the Terminus. In addition it will be possible to see how Camouflaj implemented several out-of-the-box Unity 5 features including Reflection, Probes, Enlighten, plus the new animation and audio tools.

You can find out more at the Unity Asset Store and over at Camouflaj’s Remastering République series.

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