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Development studio Camouflaj has announced that the Kickstarter backed République will launch on the iOS App Store on 19th December 2013.

The game will be released in five parts, with Episode 1 priced at $4.99. Each episode is estimated to contain around 2+ hours of content.

Camouflaj is headed by Ryan Payton (ex-Kojima Productions) and République was part-funded by a high profile Kickstarter campaign in 2012, which raised just over $555,000.

The game features a mix of touchscreen stealth and puzzle gameplay, plus high-end motion captured cut scenes. République’s notable cast includes Rena Strober, David Hayter, Jennifer Hale and Dwight Schultz. Camouflaj’s original aim was to bring a console quality experience to mobile devices, but the studio latterly added future PC and Mac versions as part of the fundraising process.

As a side note for those interested in the development process, the Camouflaj podcast is essential listening. You can find it here.


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