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The Rime release date has been announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One; the Switch version will release ‘shortly afterward’, apparently.

Rime – stylised RiME, but that’s annoying so it can sod right off – is a slow-paced, third person puzzle game with ethereal visuals, in the mould of Journey, Submerged and The Last Guardian (but without the winged dog-cat-bird-beast, obviously).

You play as a small boy who wakes up on a mysterious island and must solve all manner of environmental puzzles to reveal the island’s mysteries. It also features soft lighting and warm tones inspired by the coastlines of the Mediterranean, so it’s quite like The Witness as well, then.

The Rime release date for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions – available both digitally and via retail, where available – has been confirmed as May 26, 2017. It will be priced in the region of £29.99 ($29.99 / €34.99) and is thought will take around eight to ten hours to complete, if you’re taking it steady and looking to uncover all the secrets it has to offer.

It’s also been confirmed that Rime will see a release on Nintendo Switch – we’re quoting the press release verbatim here – ‘shortly afterward’, which is obviously as clear as mud. So we don’t know exactly when the Switch version will arrive, but we do know it’s going to cost more than other platforms; specifically, that’s £39.99 ($39.99 / €44.99).

Apparently that price increase is being put down to increased development costs for Nintendo’s new hardware.

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