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Rise of the Tomb Raider trailer promises more to see at Microsoft’s E3 briefing on June 15 2015.

There’s been a new Rise of the Tomb Raider trailer appear online in the last hour or so. It’s unclear at this point whether it was an intentional tease or an accidental leak, this close to E3 2015, but it’s not giving much away:

So that’s a little bit of introspective waffle about the great pioneers of history, then a short (CG, not gameplay) clip of Lara climbing an icy rock-face. It does promise more at the Microsoft/Xbox E3 briefing on June 15 of this year though, and we’re sincerely hoping there’ll be some gameplay footage of Rise of the Tomb Raider to come then.

It still feels weird to have the next Tomb Raider game coming as a Microsoft/Xbox One exclusive, though, after so many years of seeing Lara on the PlayStation; hopefully this will just be one of those timed exclusives, and will be opened up to all platforms by Square Enix at a later date.

It does make you think about how far the production values have come in the world of video games, though. This Rise of the Tomb Raider teaser trailer – once you get past the weird Amelia Earhart stuff – could come straight out of Hollywood, or at least, big budget television. Picture Lara doing battle with an evil John Lithgow in Cliffhanger, or telling John Snow he “knows nothing” as they summit the wall in Game of Thrones… and then cast your mind back to the trailer for the original Tomb Raider, back in 1996…

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